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How To Protect Your Website From Cyber Attacks

You cannot deny the role of the internet in this digital world. No business, organization, or individual can grow their online repute without the internet or in simple terms, without a website. Successful digital marketing techniques grow your digital world. But you have to pay the price- the constant cyber threat hanging on your confidentiality.

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How To Protect Your Website From Hackers

In the current era of the global economy’s fast digital change, businesses interact with their customers via websites and social media platforms. That’s why keeping websites safe from cyber-attacks has become a top priority. According to statistics, over 1 million websites are hacked every single day. Even small businesses and personal sites risk cyber security threats, with hackers trying to steal data, spread

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NIST CyberSecurity Framework

NIST Cybersecurity framework is a cybersecurity tool designed to improve and organize your cybersecurity plans. It is a set of strategies and guidelines aimed to assist organizations in their management, reduction, and effective communication against cyber risks for their networks, systems, and assets that store sensitive data. It is a widely used method of determining and addressing high-priority risks that damage your businesses.

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What Is Cyber Threat Intelligence

Cyber threat intelligence or CTI is the practice of implementing actionable strategies, skills, and experience-based information to assess and combat potential cyber threats targeted at businesses and organizations.“Threat Intelligence” is the term referred to the processes of analyzing, gathering, and processing raw data to understand cyber threats effectively. In this technique, the data collected from

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Why Choose a Managed Cyber Security Service Provider

As technology keeps getting more advanced daily, companies need efficient ways to lock down their digital systems without getting overwhelmed or over budget. Protecting networks, devices, and data has become crazy challenging, especially with how quickly cyber security risks pop up these days. Small and medium-sized businesses, in particular, have no chance of keeping up

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