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Why Choose a Managed Cyber Security Service Provider

As technology keeps getting more advanced daily, companies need efficient ways to lock down their digital systems without getting overwhelmed or over budget. Protecting networks, devices, and data has become crazy challenging, especially with how quickly cyber security risks pop up these days. Small and medium-sized businesses, in particular, have no chance of keeping up with expert hacking crews trying to smash their defenses 24/7.

This growing skills “mismatch” is exactly why partnering with a seasoned managed security services provider (MSSP) like Certified Nerds is so crucial, even to complement an in-house IT team. Handing off nonstop threat monitoring, asset oversight, incident response, access controls, and other tedious duties to specialized experts allows regular internal staff to focus on their regular jobs.

Outsourcing security work also gets companies access to high-level systems too pricey or complicated for small businesses to launch alone. According to a Ponemon Institute study, the average cost of a data breach has risen to $3.92 million. Cutting-edge tech mixed with human monitoring creates reinforced barriers with combined know-how no single CISO or IT team could construct alone. Expert partners all about cyber defense are crucial teammates.

What is a Managed Service Provider?

A managed service provider, or MSP, is a company you hire to handle specific IT services and functions for your business, so you don’t have to do it all in-house. For example, an MSP could monitor and manage your computers and networks, handle tech support requests, take care of security services, or even provide full remote IT department duties. They become an outsourced IT team tailored to your needs. The benefit is you get enterprise-level tech help without having to build a whole IT staff. MSPs let you offload duties so you can stick to your core moneymakers.

Why Managed Security?

The main reason to get managed security services is most companies just don’t have the skilled staff or security resources needed to protect their systems and data 24/7 against ever-evolving cyber threats. MSPs bring specialized tools, continuous monitoring capabilities, threat intel, and teams of experts focused on locking networks down tight. All for less than trying to hire this high level of talent in-house. When dynamic hacking crews are relentlessly trying to smash your defenses, you need hardcore cyber security experts watching your back. MSSPs assemble cyber experts so you don’t have to. Leaning on their expertise allows internal teams to focus on core duties versus stretching into security specialization.

Services Managed Service Providers are Offering

MSPs started by offering services like server hosting and basic remote IT troubleshooting. But as they evolved, so did their service lineups. Now, MSP offerings include all kinds of tech offerings, from security software to phone systems to payroll processing and more. But for securing systems specifically, the most popular managed services are continuous threat monitoring to detect issues faster, access controls to lock out unauthorized users, staff security training to identify risky behavior, compliance auditing to meet industry rules, and incident response when attacks inevitably occur.

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What do Managed Security Service Providers Cost?

What you pay an MSSP depends on the particular services deployed, how many devices or users need protection, the service levels desired, and the duration of the contract. Some MSSPs charge a fixed monthly fee covering everything, while others bill separately for specific add-ons. On average, though, for 24/7 monitoring and response across an entire small business network, expect to invest $100-$250 per device per month. I know that sounds like a grip, but consider what a beastly ransomware attack or data breach might cost your operations. Ultimately MSSP services provide invaluable security reinforcements at a fraction of hiring comparable in-house personnel while letting you focus resources.

Role of Managed Service Provider in Improving Your Cyber security

Even with an internal IT team, bringing in an MSP boosts security majorly. Top MSSPs wield advanced AI systems costing mad bucks, plus elite analysts hunt threats nonstop faster than most overworked in-house teams can alone. MSP specialists also stay up on the latest attack trends to lock down new weak spots before hackers hit them. Beyond just real-time monitoring, MSSPs train employees against phishing attempts, ensure sites follow the rules, and react quickly when breaches happen. Basically, MSSPs combine cutting-edge tech with security experts, delivering constantly evolving defense so clients can focus on growing the business beyond IT barriers.

Benefits of Having a Managed Service Provider

The biggest benefits of having an MSSP on your team are getting top-shelf protection tools and talent too pricey for small IT squads. Instead of struggling to handle the nonstop chaos of managing firewalls, VPNs, endpoint security , etc yourself, outsource this madness to the managed services equipped with next-level platforms and all-in dedication Outsourcing these security tasks saves you time and money, allowing you to focus on important business activities rather than managing technical details.

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Investing in Security with an MSSP

MSSP functions like insurance, making sure your critical online assets stay secured from compromise and attacks that trigger expensive disaster recovery. For a monthly fee, you gain 24/7/365 vigilance plus rapid response if/when incidents occur. So, while spending cash on cyber security with no tangible return feels rough, consider what downtime and data loss might cost if hackers succeed! Security failures directly torpedo revenue and reputation. An elite MSSP lessens the chances of nasty breaches happening in the first place while minimizing the impacts.

Managed Services Offered by Certified Nerds

When selecting a managed security services provider (MSSP), it is important to choose a partner with proven expertise in safeguarding sensitive infrastructure. Certified Nerds offers a variety of services to ensure the safety of your business and assets. We have a team of experts who are well-versed in all aspects of cyber security defense, detection, and response.

Some of the services we are offering are:

Our experts stay up-to-date on industry best practices and regulations to provide the latest security techniques required to protect your systems. We work hand-in-hand with your IT team, only requiring minimal access to your network, to implement robust security monitoring, policies, and controls.


Managed Service Providers (MSPs) offer a smart way for companies of any size to have efficient IT teams with a variety of skills. Specifically in terms of cyber security, MSPs are experts who help businesses follow the best practices and use the latest technologies. They keep a close eye on what’s happening in the industry, which is often hard for internal teams to do. So, it’s better to have a team behind you to help you cope with cyber security threats.

Let us know if you have any other security questions. Contact us now!

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